MC/DC merged into gcc

I have to admit, it feels quite nice to finally write this post. My support for MC/DC in gcc was merged April 4th, followed by a couple of bug fixes. This post is just an announcement - I plan to some time later write a more detailed post on how it works and how to use it, and maybe one on MC/DC itself.

It has been a long project. I started working on it around the start of 2022, so it took a bit more than two calendar years from starting the work to the feature being merged, with mixed activity. It is at the time of writing (2024-04-18) not part of a release, so to use it you must build gcc from source.

I hope that gcc+gcov will prove a powerful tool to measure MC/DC and in particular contribute to making safety critical systems even safer.

PS: If using gcc from trunk does not work, I can support you in backporting it to older releases.